Thursday, March 22, 2012

Working, as a freelance photographer isn't easy, sometimes you are slammed with work and sometimes there's nothing for what seems like forever. Last week, however, was the kind of week that reminds me why I continue to pursue photography as a career. I was lucky enough to shoot some things for Dwell and Capitol Records. I spent the first part of the week driving around Los Angeles shooting various landmarks for Dwell. It’s funny how long you can live in a place and never really experience what it has to offer. So I had a great excuse to be a tourist for a couple days and it was pretty great. Here is an image from the Griffith Park Observatory.

And then there was Capitol Records. This was by no means their biggest or best artist but I was given a great opportunity to prove myself, and it was awesome. My beautiful and wonderful friend Eva accompanied me as my assistant on the shoot.

Somehow we were up by 5am and on the road by 6:00 headed for Bombay Beach. We wrapped that night, well next morning, at about 1:00am. Even though it was a long and hectic day it was ridiculously fun, plus, the Salton Sea is never boring. We made a friend named Sunny at the market, he offered us candy and invited us over. He lived at the trailer with windowless red van parked out front, due to our time restraints and our will to live; we declined the hang out sesh.

After a quick stop in Coachella at the loudest karaoke/Mexican food place ever we arrived at our hotel in Palm Springs around 2:30ish.

We stayed at a super awesome hotel called The Saguaro. The next day we were out drinking by the pool before 11:00am. Needless to say this was one of the best post shoot days ever. After some pool time, mimosas and some amazing food at Cheeky’s Restaurant we headed home.

Moral of the story – last week ruled.